I hope you’re meeting the goals you set for yourself and your team for this year. Is anything going particularly well that you thought would be more challenging? What do you credit with that upswing? I’d love to hear what’s working and if you’re finding ways to apply those strategies elsewhere in your organization.

Here are the articles that caught my attention as a business leader this week that I wanted to share with the other business leaders in my network:

  • Still sitting too much? I’ve been popping out of my seat every 20-30 minutes to keep moving around as a step to getting healthier. I found this article about back pain that might be helpful to you or someone you know from the folks at Lose It! Here’s another one from Dr. Cindy LinMD for CNBC.
  • Jeanne Meister writes about trends shaping the future of work, and she’s got a great piece in Forbes: The Future of Work is Employee Well Being.”
  • Sure, your work from home offices are pet-friendly, but now that companies are navigating the “back to the office” scenarios, will bringing pets to work take a leap forward as part of wooing employees back? This piece from Time has lots of trends, stats, and other perspective-information info.

DBE’s Go Good Spotlight is on: Women for Women International

World organizations are rushing to help the people of Afghanistan as the conflict continues to unfold. Caught in the turmoil are women whose lives are much less in their own control there than in other parts of the world. DBE was moved by their stories and made donation this week to Women for Women International, prompted in part by Chief’s support of this organization. You can help too. Learn more and if you’re moved to, please donate here.

That’s it for this week, short issue but hope it provided some good insights and tips. Enjoy the rest of the week and stay well, stay strong, stay focused!

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