Happy mid-week!

Where I am, the neighbors really deck out their homes for Halloween. Two-story skeletons. Spiderwebs encasing porches. Even a sharkhead snacking on an unfortunate swimmer. The creativity is astounding! I could go on a mini-rave about this season, but I suspect you’re looking for the digital marketing buzz… and have we got neeewss for you!

  • 2023 is going to bring about many changes for Google. One of which is the end of content targeting on YouTube conversion campaigns. We currently don’t know what the company is planning, but we are curious about this direction change and will keep you posted.
  • Why would a website have high bounce rates? The top 2 reasons: 1. the page doesn’t meet expectations and 2. the site is ugly and/or difficult to navigate. Learn more here.
  • 🔥 Hot Tips from DBE 🔥 *swish* *thump* There are quite a few things that go “bump” in the night to our marketer minds. Don’t worry – we’ve compiled a tool arsenal to fend off the nightmarish worries!
  • Ideas for AI legislation have been bouncing around the White House with the goal of reducing AI risk. Get the scoop on what the bill does and doesn’t do with VentureBeat.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 New Jersey Future 🌟

We have to think smart when it comes to land and people. New Jersey Future works to use land sustainably to benefit people now and in the future. They conduct research, develop policies, advocate, and assist to keep communities healthy and nature protected. Honestly, they do so many things, you might want to read more for yourself here: New Jersey Future.

  • Think with Google has put out a lotta content in the past 10 years, and guess what? They put it in this nice highlight list! Our personal favorites include: “Why it’s time to say goodbye to the traditional marketing funnel” and “Why consumer intent is more powerful than demographics.”
  • Ever heard of the K.I.S.S. acronym? Keeping writing simple and concise could make or break a campaign. See why in this HBR article.

Whether you’re into the spooky season or not, I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful, fall weather! 🍁

Have a gourd day!


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