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What’s going on? A LOT as always. We’ll get to the meat of it for ya, no worries:

  • To compete against the strengths of TikTok, Google is making improvements to YouTube Shorts for advertising, including “First Position on Shorts.” This will allow an advertiser’s video to be the first video a viewer sees at the start of scrolling.
  • Keep Creativity in Content! That’s my new slogan for the year, but creativity is in the process as much as it is in the writing.
    • Ross Simmonds dives into leveraging AI in writing as our superpower. His video expands how to elevate your brainstorming and drafting process.
    • Stephen Marcinuk from MarketingProfs backs up my point, too. AI doesn’t negate the need for strong, connection-building, experience-based, human-generated writing. It substantiates it… making it shine in a sea of impersonal, information-motivated pieces. BUT there are some places where AI can be helpful for my fellow word crafters.
  • What’s under the surface of the digital ad spending iceberg that grew almost 11% in 2022 to over $209 billion? What’s Hot Wednesday regulars won’t be surprised by some report takeaways including:
    • spend increases in audio/video formats and
    • spend decreases in social media ads.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 KinderSmile Foundation 🌟

The KinderSmile Foundation provides comprehensive dental care and dental hygiene education to underserved children and families, regardless of insurance status. With 3 locations in Bloomfield, Newark, and Trenton, they have impacted over 40,000 low-income families across NJ. Thank you, Randy Kirkpatrick, for the great suggestion! Show them some appreciation and see what they do: KinderSmile Foundation.

  • Econsultancy has a great interview with Richard Shotton who shares some insights from his latest book, “The Illusion of Choice.” It includes examples of behavioral studies that illustrate things like cognitive biases on workplace decisions (among doctors no less) and pricing hacks based on extremeness aversion. Head-y stuff but fascinating potential implications/applications for B2C and B2B marketers…

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