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In addition to my position at DBE, I also teach yoga twice a week. There’s a beautiful change in a person before and after they practice. Maybe they breathe a little deeper… or their shoulders are a bit more relaxed. So I encourage you, no matter what you like doing, to get out and move… in whatever way works best for you!

*switches job hats 🎓* Now, for what you’ve all been waiting for…. Drumroll, please! 🥁

  • Google’s finally doing it. Universal Analytics(UA) is shutting down, and June 30th is the last day to download your data. We recommend exporting as a spreadsheet. Here are 3 helpful resources for your browsing:
  • The Twitter checkmark debate is still in session. ☑ B2B Reviews released a super helpful infographic based on their research. Hot highlights:
    • 52% of business owners and consumers surveyed don’t think having a blue checkmark is important
    • Only “1 in 10 business owners reported that a customer expressed trust or confidence in the business” after seeing the blue checkmark
  • Why do people choose YouTube over other video-streaming platforms? Check out this beautiful, story-like piece to learn the YouTube differentiator.
  • On the opposite end, this story may have been released to scrape up some nostalgia of the main pioneer in the video space. BUT, eMarketer reports that TikTok video advertising spend is rivaling, even threatening YouTube’s.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Black Girls CODE 🌟

Black Girls CODE is teaching thousands of young women to lead and innovate in the tech/science/math space. Since 2011, BGC has been helping to improve the pipeline for girls of color in tech. The organization has 15 chapters across the globe, including New York, Seattle, and South Africa. Support them today: Black Girls CODE.

  • Email 📧: some brands believe it’s outdated, while others spam our inboxes daily. No matter what you think, it’s still an important and personalized channel when used correctly. MarTech gives some helpful rules to craft better email CTAs. (And hot tip… it can be applied to other channels, too!)
  • The rumors are not true. SEO is not dead. It’s just changing. Google still wants human content, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get a little help from AI.

*drumroll finishes with an embellished finale 🥁* Hope you got a lot of good stuff outta this issue.

Happy Wednesday!


To help ya get moving, here’s some great ways to move more in the summer months!

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