We’ve been there. The conversion data confusion between the newbie, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), and our good pal, Google Universal Analytics (GA), can be a head-scratcher at first. With the June 30th switch to GA4 approaching rapidly (for free users), you want to know why this conversion pandemonium is happening.

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Don’t worry, we’ll sum it up really quickly for you… in 215 words to be exact. Let’s jump in!

  • In previous Google Analytics versions (including Universal Analytics), a user can have multiple conversions. Each time a conversion event occurs, it is recorded as a separate conversion, regardless of whether it is from the same user or multiple users. This allows for tracking and analyzing multiple conversions per user.
    Example: If your main conversion is a “Thank You Page” pageload and a user refreshes the page, the conversion will be counted twice even though it was only one user/one conversion.

  • On the other hand, GA4 tracks conversions on a per-user basis. GA4 attributes conversions to unique users rather than counting each conversion event separately. If a user performs multiple conversions, GA4 consolidates them into a single conversion for that user. This approach provides a more user-centric view of conversions.
    Example: In GA4, if a user reloads the “Thank You Page” in the same conversion event, your analytics will show one conversion.

  • Important Note: The difference in how conversions are counted between GA and GA4 can lead to variations in conversion numbers when comparing the two versions. It’s essential to consider this distinction when analyzing conversion data and comparing results between GA and GA4.

In short…

When analyzing conversion data between the 2 versions, note there may be natural deviations in conversion tracking differences.

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