If you’ve been following DBE’s blogs and videos on Search Artificial Intelligence Optimization (SAIO), you can skip the short story section below like you would when binging episodes of your current favorite series. You can jump ahead to the paragraph that starts with “Now.”

For the rest of you, here’s what you missed:

SAIO and SEO – The Short Story

  • Among the conversational search chatbots, LinkedIn is the most trustworthy social media platform (when compared with Facebook and X/Twitter) for a variety of reasons and therefore a favored source for SAIO citations and links.
    SAIO and EEAT: The LinkedIn Connection (10/27/2023)

Now that you’re up to date, let’s talk about SAIO and YouTube. Here are a few reminders about YouTube and its relationship with Google:

  • YouTube is a member of the Google family along with the Bard AI conversational chatbot
  • YouTube is in its own right the second-largest search engine in the world, after Google, of course.

And now for something you may not know about YouTube: Bard is experimenting with a YouTube extension (as well as extensions for Google Maps, Google Flights, and Google Docs).

It seemed a fairly obvious conclusion that, if LinkedIn was a powerful SAIO influencer of citations and links, then YouTube could also be an additional source of EEAT-worthy content. So we uploaded our SAIO videos to YouTube with transcripts and closed captioning because chatbots can’t watch videos – yet – but they do read. And less than two weeks later, here is what we are seeing:

Google SGE Generative AI answer:

Google Search results responses showing DBE SAIO blog and YouTube video

Yep, that’s one of our YouTube videos that is being shown and cited with separate links to our website and to our YouTube Channel.

Google SGE Search Results:

Google SEO showing our SAIO blogs and youtube video in the results

A super-fecta of the top four organic search results with the LinkedIn post, two DBE blog posts (one being a video), and a YouTube video post.

But wait, there’s more! With Google SGE when you do an Images search:

Google image results showing a reference to our SAIO blog infographic and YouTube channel

The SEO/SAIO Iceberg graphic and the YouTube video are the first two images presented.

Moving on to Bard now:

Bard showing YouTube SAIO video as a result

Bard automatically switched to its YouTube extension and delivered the YouTube video as its first response.

While these results are all from the Google family, one can’t help but notice how they interact and support each other as EEAT-worthy content.

Now for the surprise – Bing Chat’s response:

Bing Chat not only captured the DBE video from YouTube as its number 1 citation but also provided a summary of the video content in a way that prompts a click–something neither Google SGE nor Bard provided.

So, in summary, the YouTube SAIO video strategy also works outside of the Google environs and is another way to demonstrate the EEAT-worthiness of your content to all the conversational chatbots.

PS – Some of you no doubt caught the pun reference in the blog title to Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall.” If you are familiar with the song, the first line is “We don’t need no education.” The irony here is that conversational search chatbots do need to be educated as they are language learning machines. And why videos are just another click to build up your SAIO EEAT wall.

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